Q: The treatment is so logical, why is it that other Doctors don't use this method?
A: The treatment was pioneered in New Zealand over 20 years ago and required accurate recorded documentation to prove it was correct.  it will soon be available in many countries.

Q: What can i do now to start improving my health?
A: The first step you can do now is to remove viruses and parasites 

Q: I am on many drugs and am still in poor health.  Why is this treatment different?
A: This treatment is based on the fact that the human body can heal itself "as long as it is connected".  This treatment activates the entire body and kick starts every system in the body that can cause poor health if not connected.

Q: Can children benefit by the methods described in the book?
A: Children if aligned and activated will be healthy as compared to children who have not been treated.

Q: How long before changes occur in my health?
A: Changes start occurring almost right away as nerves start unblocking.